Emrich Falkenberg

Initiate of the Soan Path


Lanky, a little scruffy, shaggy light brown hair with some blonde streaks in it. About 5’10", lean build with well-defined muscles and little body fat. Appears hard, physically.


An initiate of the Soan (rhymes with “loan”) Path, a fighting style and martial tradition from the Loy Valley region of Earwa. A region based off the Sea of Cerish at the base of the Great Kavarsus. Stemming from a period of political oppression centuries ago, when peasants were not allowed to own or train with any martial weapons, some people in the area began training their bodies and minds to fight just as effectively, and move more effectively, without the burdens of heavy arms or armor. The early practitioners of the style were instrumental in casting off the yoke of oppression, and since then the sons and daughters of farmers and nobles alike have sought admission into the training programs at the handful of small schools, called ‘camps.’

Emrich was a gifted candidate in his early years and was on his way to completing his initial program of training when the Living Realm of Providence took control through a nearby puppet regime and started to systematically out flank other independent areas, like the Loy Valley, economically, politically, and militarily.

Falkenberg’s immediate family is still there, stuck in the ‘new order,’ whereas he and other new initiates were intentionally sent away to various places in order to avoid arrest.

He has been in Dark City for several months, after having been brought there along with two other initiates. He gets work where he can, and quietly works to continue to develop his skills, moonlighting in small purse fight clubs and trying to figure out what to do before in the immediate future.

He works at the Fromor Cavern Farm, run by Vice von Trapp of the Merchant’s Consortium, the same person for whom his cousin, Ezri, works as a governess.

Emrich Falkenberg

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