Asta Freyja - Siren of the Sea

Tiefling Bard//Friday game


Asta Freyja
Siren of The Sea

Age- 26
Height- 5’5
Weight- 125 lbs
Eye color- Very light ruby red
Hair color-dark blonde
Hair style- Loose with a few braids
Body type- Slender but toned
Body color-Slight purple with blue undertones


Asta was reborn as a tiefling and found by The Empire where she was raised as an orphan.
As she grew she went the bardic college provided by The Empire, music was her life and she enjoyed it every day.

Her teen years had come and she had graduated and was set free to roam the world. She would often find herself at the shore, watching the ships sail on vast horizon.

Asta knew she wasn’t going to do much on land and she wanted to explore freedom, to feel the salty wind on her face and claim uncharted lands!

The little tiefling would scurry into the ship and attempted to hide in the bilge only to be caught by the quartermaster. Once found she would be whipped and sent to the holding deck in the large Brig vessel.

The captain had a soft heart for the tiefling and made her a cabin boy.
She would learn the hard work of being on the ship and started to move up the ranks.
Her captain found a little trinket for her, something to make her smile.
A bubble pipe, since she wasn’t allowed to smoke due to her bardic abilities.

In her early to mid 20’s the captain had fallen and she was out of a ship, until she found another. Moving the ranks quickly to become the first mate. Gaining the title Siren of The Sea with her voice…

She had fallen in love with newest captain, even giving birth to his child. The crew grew angry and was lead by the shifty quartermaster, Egor who planned a mutiny.

Asta had seen her lover die and Egor rip the child from his arms and disappear in the sea of people. Where she was lead to believe that he had killed her son.

The siren of the sea went into hiding, grieving the loss of her loved ones with acting, taking on another name Idylla…until she met up with Kazar her old friend again.

Asta Freyja - Siren of the Sea

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