Tag: Loy Valley


  • Emrich Falkenberg

    An initiate of the Soan (rhymes with “loan”) Path, a fighting style and martial tradition from the Loy Valley region of Earwa. A region based off the Sea of Cerish at the base of the Great Kavarsus. Stemming from a period of political oppression centuries …

  • Ezri Kayosch

    _The 'kay' in her family name is pronounced as in 'kayak', and the second syllable rhymes with 'Josh.'_ A cousin of [[:emrich-falkenberg | Emrich Falkenberg]], she is a slightly more experienced Initiate, and was sent to Dark City with Emrich to avoid …

  • Klein Turloch

    Klein is 17 and learning wisdom through sometimes difficult experience. He wants to do what is right, and has a solid moral foundation; however, he’s also impulsive and tends to be a little too able to get things done his way.