The Realm of Eärwa

Marking the Passage of Time

Clockwork Revalations

After resting the night, the elves and the gnome, standing amidst the statues of divinity, both crumbled and whole, began deciphering The Wisdom of Al’yxonn mounted to the wall of the temple. When they had completed the words, the floor opened beneath the party and plunged them into a sub-basement chamber leaving them battered and bruised.
After passing through several rooms with clockwork apparatuses, the team came upon a hallway that looked strangely translucent. Quinn shot an arrow the length of the 90’ hall and it stopped in mid-air, hanging above the floor where it halted its flight. Then it began moving toward them at a slow, but steady pace. The team rained arrows and a fireball at the moving goo and eventually the thing collapsed before reaching the interlopers.
Beyond the blob a portcullis with a dozen locks on its face blocked their path. Zay studied them and realized one of them looked somewhat familiar in design. She managed to pick the lock and the bars slid into the ceiling. clockworks.jpg
The next room had a clockwork mechanism in the floor and levers protruded from various points in the round room. A plaque hung from one wall with an inscription in an old dialect of high elven.
Levers were moved according to the mysterious riddle-like inscription and a hidden set of double doors opened in a wall beside them. skeleton.jpg
A hallway continued away and ended in double doors opening onto another round room at the end. Skeletons in armor moved into a protective positioning within and prevented the team’s advance. A battle ensued and the bony defenders were defeated, but not after causing more damage to the group.
Enoch decided he liked the shields and took one as his own as they moved back to the main round room. More levers were moved and other doors opened. Down into the basement of the basement the team went. A ghostly vision of an elf in deep thought hovered above the floor at the bottom of the spiral staircase. Conversing with the friendly apparition revealed that Mallus and the elven king’s bodyguard were brothers and grandsons of the spectral elf. Two toys were given into the care of Irin d’ orin to give to the grandsons. Ghost_Elf.jpg

It appears that Lucan left a writing on the wall, a long write-up in ancient high Elven: The world has fallen, it has fallen into chaos. Once beautiful, it is now consumed with darkness. Mankind fought, and fought, then they turned to their deities when they could not come to an accord. The Convocation tried, we tried to bring peace, we tried to unite the kingdoms. The generals gather their armies, and the final battle has been fought on the Loyal fields. There was no place for court intrigue and backstabbing, those acts of the play had already been offered. Now, only bodies of fire and ash are left. Death and destruction is what mankind wanted, and the god have given it to them. Fate has chosen for us, for the deities in their divine wisdom played their hands much like mortal wisdom. The fates have taken us in their hands, and like ashes have flung our futures to the wind. The armies have been disemboweled and torn asunder, Earwa and Aynemere alike have been brought to their knees and beyond. Our gods have departed, hope for mankind has fled, insanity reigns… Maybe the fate has decreed that mankind must burn in the fires of the abyss and feel the loss of their deities to understand what they once had. One day, one day, a light in darkness will call to good folk to usher forth a beacon in the darkness, a light so powerful even darkness cannot extinguish it. Allyxann have mercy on us, for we are lost….
Irin’ d’orin a’ halen a’ mor’alhnel…

Layout of the Tombs Catacombs_layout.jpg
Here are the names on them:
Once Prime Chaplain Mythicar Ilthayne and founding member of the Synod
Once Justicar Warden Asmundr Kasrin and founding member of the Synod
Once Prime Envoy Arondel Dawnbringer and founding member of the Synod
Once Commandant and Prime Envoy Aidia Talonlaw
Once Commandant, Prime Chaplain, Justicar Keld Verglas
Once Prime Envoy and Justicar Alexandros Korviniat
Once Justicar and Prime Warden Matthias Darkmire
First Master Articifer Karn Mildon and founding member of the Synod
First Prime Steward Torlin Alfheim and founding member of the Synod

The team rigged some ropes to pulley themselves back up and out of the basement of the temple planning to return with the news. As E’mryk was reaching the top, he reached up to make purchase at the lip and a black gauntleted hand reach down grabbing it.

Until next week…


Here is the YouTube video if anyone wants to listen to it.

Marking the Passage of Time

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