The Realm of Eärwa

Ruined Fortress of Vannte

Connecting with the past

Zay laid within the crate, as motionless as possible, steadying her breathing in the cramped space. She felt it rock from side to side as it was carried forward, she felt it being set down. It was almost time! It was then a flash of light so bright accompanied by a crack of electricity was heard right outside of the crate, and she could only imagine the pain involved. ogre.jpg The lightning arced from the walls and you could almost hear mad Dwarven laughter as the dwarves lit up the ogres and barbarians in the courtyard.

hillgiant.jpgStorn Backbreaker’s back arced and his bodied convulsed violently and a second wave of lighting was launched into them. His gaze lockedl on E’mryk as he stalked toward the source of his pain, both fire and lightning, climbing over the buildings to reach him, but E’mryk had other plans. Storn climbed the building, E’mryk took the opportunity splatter the giant with thick green-tinged webbing and spider-climbed down the side wall, landing on the ancient cobbles and slinked around the building while the legendary hill giant thought he fled. Oak and Rowen took the signal to also slip away, making their way to the temple as the Dwarves’ shouted “Get to the temple, we got this!”

Enoch and Quinn broke through the wall. They heard the Dwarves shouting down to them to circle around and make their way to the temple, guiding their spectral mounts out and around to make their way to the front of the temple.

Zay slowly lifted the lid of the crate and peered out to take in the scene. She realized she was not in the temple, but rather in the courtyard out front. In the dusk light she began making her way up the wide stairs leading up into the temple. Hearing voices, she cut to the left and began moving from crate to crate. Within she spotted two barbarians of the Cloven Hoof tribe who sorted barrels and crates. Creeping up and around, she jumped out and took the opportunity to unleash an assault on a lone barbarian as the other had moved around behind the crates. Zay_action.jpg


That was Zay’s best session yet! Way to go Aubrey!! I recommend she start with inspiration.

Ruined Fortress of Vannte

Here is the YouTube video if anyone wants to listen to it.

Ruined Fortress of Vannte

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