Zahara "Zay"

"Don't touch me and you won't have to die with a dagger in your throat."


In West Port’s main Blacksmith Shop- Noble’s Prick Blacksmith Shop
Zahara never did know her parents. All she really knew was-
“Get to work!” Yelled the fat slave supervisor while cracking a whip behind the young girl. Zahara flinched as she suddenly worked faster, frustrated. The supervisor sweared as he went in front of the counter. She stuck the metal back into the forge.
“I wish I wouldn’t have to be here.” Zahara thought. She continued to work and was thinking what it would be like being somewhere else but a blacksmith shop.
Two hours past of Zahara thinking, and she suddenly felt like someone was watching her. After a few moments, she turned around and saw a figure in a black cloak. Zahara gasped and quickly turned backed to the forge and started to work faster.
Half an hour past of Zahara feeling under pressure with the mysterious figure watching her. The figure walked away and Zahara was relieved. She saw the figure go over to the fat slave supervisor. After watching them for a minute, the two started to argue. The figure in the black cloak raised his voice a little and Zahara cold barely hear him.
“Just tell me! How much do you want for the girl?”
“I already told you! She is not for sale!”
The two got quiet. The figure showed the supervisor extra money. The supervisor finally gave in, looking surprised, taking the money. The supervisor was walking towards the forge, and Zahara turned back quickly trying to act normal, scared and excited at the same time. The supervisor made an enormous entrance, slamming the front counter.
“Guis wat Chumpes? You aw ouwa here.” Zahara turned around acting frightened.
“It’s alwight. You hawve a new mawster.” Zahara slowly walked to the open counter.
“Come on you filthy giarl!” Zahara hurried her pace.
Zahara went around the front counter and met eyes with the figure. The figure took his hood off, and all Zahara saw was her freedom. The man took a step closer and knelt in front of the girl.
“It is alright little girl. No need to be afraid.” Said the man. "What is your name?
“Zahara” answered the girl.
"Zahara, out of every slave I saw, do you know why I chose you? " Zahara did not move. " You are not a slave anymore, but I will need to train you so you can survive. Enough talking before you answer." Zahara shook her head. “I chose you because you have a great heart, but you are tough at the same time. Now, you must choose a class you will want to join. Which would you like to join?”
Zahara thought for a moment. “I want to be what you are.”
“Alright then, lets get to work.” And then the man and the girl were off, a little out of West Port.
"My name is Willeom. " Said the man. " It is actually Atgur." Whispered the man just a bit further away out of the town. Zahara looked up at the guy confused. “Ooohhh! Do I have a lot to teach you!”

“Shut up Coinan!” said the girl, the male dwarf sitting there surprised. Zahara was trying to use her skills to steal some apples from Walden’s Orchard.
“I just thought that-”
“Coinan! If you do not be quiet we will not get apples and we will be thrown in jail!”
Zahara picked a few apples and put them in her shirt. The halfling and the dwarf headed for the back entrance no one ever used.
Once the two friends were out of the orchard, they both ducked behind a bush and started eating. Coinan talked as Zahara was scolding him.
“I hope you are going to pay for those.” The two children looked up shocked and behind them to see what looked like a child, but talked like a man. Zahara saw the stranger to have graying hair and a graying braided beard.
“Do not worry child. We will pay your parents for the apples.” Said Coinan.
The stranger looked down at Coinan and said, “I was actually headed to them right now. Would you care to join me?” The two friends looked at each other with wide eyes. “Suuuurrrre.” said Coinan. The three headed to the North. Around the corner of a tree was two headstones. The two quietly left the stranger but did not get far before the stranger started to run to catch up to the two. “Wait! What are your names?”
“Very cool names. My name is E’mryk.” The three introduced themselves as they walked back to the headstones. " Hey Coinan. I think you would fit in with a group I read about. The leader is Drokki."
“It’s alright Zahara. I’ll be back.” Coinan said as he pulled the girl in for a hug. Coinan then let go and headed for the forest in hope to find his childhood dream of becoming a Provincial Ranger.
“Again. Again. Again.” Willeom kept telling Zay. Sweat was slinging from her brow as she was twisting and turning with her daggers and then her fists. “Keep going. Don’t give up. You’re almost done training for today.” A little bit later. Zay had completed her training. " Zay, every night I have trained with you, and not only have I taught you something, you have also taught me something." Willeom pulled out a dagger with a ruby on the hilt and had a dragon head with diamond eyes as the pommel. On the handle with the ruby it had vines engraved and some were popping out. “I found this at the market of Walden. I think you deserve this. Out of every person I trained, you showed the greatest strength and wisdom out of them all. You have deserved your freedom, now you have it. You are perfectly free and must depart tonight. Use this to protect you and use your knowledge because sometimes the smartest can slay the strongest. Math’ingar tuip tnars (”Until we meet again" in Thieves Cant). Willeom handed Zay the dagger and backed into the shadows. Zay sat there with the dagger in her hand for a few moments. Zay fingered the dagger getting familiar with the weapon. Zay walked out of the training room, packed her stuff, and departed to Walden.

Zahara "Zay"

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